Hi, I am Maria Orlando and I’m from Italy. I am a strategic thinking Digital Marketing and Brand Manager. Many people call me Maria Sole, others MarySun, because of my positive approach to life, people and work. This is the message I always try to get across to my customers. Be positive when you talk about your business and focus on your audience. It is not all about you.

I help you strategically build, market and communicate your brand, at different levels, positioning you in the mind of the consumer and letting your business stand out from the competition.

I’ve been working in Digital Marketing since 2009 planning strategies for some of the most known companies in several industries such as Travel & Hospitality, Fashion & Beauty, Lifestyle, Technology, Entertainment, and even Video Games. I am Brand Growth and Social Media consultant at Daniel Diosi and Partners, business development partnerships and on-demand consulting for hotels, resorts and travel companies.

I focus on creating the marketing strategy, launching and operating marketing plans, leveraging all online marketing channels that prove efficient for demand generation, including content, storytelling, keywords, social, blog, emails, public relations and affiliate marketing channels. Strategy cannot be always the same so I’m responsible to monitor it and choose the best changes to do during the process, at the right moment, to driven effective results for your brand.

I am a marketer with hands on experience solving challenges and getting results for clients. I provide expert advice on the strategic management of high profile force wide digital communications to raise your brand and enhance and protect its reputation. I have always thought that a good strategy must combine offline and online marketing. This is why I will give you the best advice to have an integrated and effective strategy.

As Art Director and Social Media Manager I have build brands completely from scratch, creating and managing communities, like the one of a survival horror videogame which has won the Best Italian Video Game 2018 Award. I have set up a marketing strategy to communicate the brand through social media. I created a community and engaged with it for 2 years.

I also worked for Compagnia della Bellezza, a famous international franchising of thousands hairstylists which has more than 300 salons spread throughout Italy, Spain, Switzerland and Germany creating and managing the content in a creative way.

I was also involved in projects for Alfa Romeo, Cinecittà World, Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft.

I partner with

In these latest years I have been focused on Travel & Hospitality and Lifestyle & Entertainment and everything related to these big categories, such as prestigious goods and products, restaurants, food and drinks, with a special attention to Luxury Industry. In general, I work with entrepreneurs and companies which put the heart in their own business.

One of the most ambitious projects has been the Luxury Life International Magazine. As Art Director and Production Manager I have been responsible for planning and coordinating the entire production process of the Issue 7 and it has been a success.

I’m also CEO & Founder at Travellector, a travel blog where you can find travel tips according to your personality. The blog reaches a very targeted niche of travellers which choose to travel differently. Many of them search for living luxury travel experiences.

Always keep in mind that

Luxury doesn’t necessarily mean expensive!

If you want me as your consultant email me now.