Cookie Policy on MSO’s website

This site, like many others, uses small files called cookies. They help us improve and customise your experience. Find out more about cookies and how you can control them.

What are ‘cookies’?

‘Cookies’ are small text files that are stored by the browser on your computer or mobile phone. They allow websites to store things like user preferences. They provide a ‘memory’ for the website, so that it can recognise you when you come back and respond appropriately.

How does the MSO’s website use cookies?

Strictly necessary cookies

These cookies are essential in order for you to explore the website and use its features. Without these cookies, services you have asked for cannot be provided. ‘Strictly necessary’ cookies will not be used to gather personal information about you that could be used for marketing or remember where you’ve been on the Internet. We use these cookies to:

•    Remember the information you have entered on forms so that you do not have to re-enter these details if you go back to a previous page.

•    Identify you as being securely logged on to internet banking

Technical cookies provided by MSO directly (needed to ensure a satisfactory provision of the service)

Geolocation. This website may collect, use, and share user’s location data in order to provide location-based services.
 Most browsers and devices provide tools to opt out from this feature by default. Personal Data collected: Geographic position. Opt Out.

Cookies for improving service and performance

We use a number of suppliers who may also set cookies on their websites’ behalf. The cookies collect information in an anonymous form. This includes Google Analytics to measure and analyse information about the use of this website (e.g., which pages you visit, if you experience any errors, number of visitors to the site, where visitors have come to the site from). The information gathered does not contain any personal information about you. Read Google’s cookies policy and their privacy policy. Opt Out.

Functionality Cookies

“Functionality” cookies are used to provide services or to remember settings to improve your visit. We use Functionality cookies to:
•    Remember settings you’ve applied, such as layout, text size, preferences, and colors;
•    Remember if we’ve already asked you if you want to fill in a survey;
•    Show you when you’re logged in to the website;
•    Remember volume settings when playing video.
Some of these cookies are managed for us by third parties. Where this is the case, we don’t allow the third party to use the cookies for any purpose other than those listed above.

Third party advertising cookies and/or other third party cookies

On some pages of our website, other organisations may also set their own anonymous cookies. They do this to track the success of their application, or to customise the application for you. Because of how cookies work, our website cannot access these cookies, nor can the other organisation access the data in cookies we use on our website. For example, when you share an article using a social-media sharing button (e.g., Facebook) on the Travellector, the social network that has created the button will record that you have done this.
Here is a list of third party cookies on this website:

•    Feed RSS.

News feeds allow you to see when websites have added new content.

FeedBurner (Google) email is a service that allows publishers to deliver their feed content to subscribers via email. Services provided to publishers include traffic analysis and an optional advertising system. Privacy Policy.

•    Traffic Optimization and Distribution

This service allows the Website to distribute content using servers located across different countries and to optimize performance. Their function is to filter communications between the Website and the User’s browser. Considering the widespread distribution of this system, it is difficult to determine the locations to which the contents that may contain anonymous user information are transferred.

CloudFlare (Cloudflare). This website uses Bloglovin which is hosted by Cloudflare. Which anonymous data is processed depends on the characteristics and the way Cloudflare is implemented. Privacy Policy.

•    Targeting and Interaction with external social networks and platforms

“Targeting” cookies are linked to services provided by third parties, such as ‘Like’ buttons and ‘Share’ buttons. Third parties provide these services in return for recognizing that you have visited our website. We use Targeting cookies to:
•    Link to social networks like Facebook, that may subsequently use information about your visit to target advertising to you on other websites.

Facebook Like button and social widgets (Facebook)
. The Facebook Like button and social widgets are services allowing interaction with the Facebook social network provided by Facebook Inc.
 Personal Data collected: Browsing and usage Data and Cookie. 
Place of processing: USA – Privacy Policy.

Pinterest “Pin it” button and social widgets (Pinterest). 
The Pinterest “Pin it” button and social widgets are services allowing interaction with the Pinterest platform provided by Pinterest Inc.
Personal Data collected: Browsing and usage Data and Cookie. 
Place of processing: USA – Privacy Policy.

Twitter button and social widgets (Twitter)
. The Twitter button and social widgets are services allowing interaction with the Twittersocial network provided by Twitter Inc.
 Personal Data collected: Browsing and usage Data and Cookie. 
Place of processing: USA – Privacy Policy.

How do I turn cookies off?

It is usually possible to stop your browser accepting cookies, or to stop it accepting cookies from a particular website. However, we cannot tell if you are signed in without using cookies, so you would not be able to post comments. All modern browsers allow you to change your cookie settings. You can usually find these settings in the ‘options’ or ‘preferences’ menu of your browser. To understand these settings, the following links may be helpful, or you can use the ‘Help’ option in your browser for more details.

Cookie settings in Internet Explorer
Cookie settings in Firefox
Cookie settings in Chrome
Cookie settings in Safari web and iOS.

You can also visit the trade body representing these advertising platforms for more information: Network Advertising Initative.

They have provided a site a site where you can control all third-party online advertising.

Useful links

If you would like to find out more about cookies and their use on the Internet, you may find the following links useful:

All About Cookies

Behavioral Advertising

If you are primarily concerned about third party cookies generated by advertisers, you can turn these off by going to the Your Online Choices site.

For further legal information about privacy issues, you may find this link useful:

GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation

If you would like to contact us about cookies please email us at Read also my Privacy Policy.